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Dave Morrow’s Star Photography Workshops & Tours – Dave Morrow Photography


Learn star, milky way and night sky photography while exploring the best night photography destinations on Earth.

You will master night photography camera settings, photo editing in Lightroom and Photoshop, and advanced planning techniques allowing you to easily find the Milky Way & clear dark skies.

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2019 Workshops & Tours – On Sale Now

Welcome Photographers,

This year I am really excited to bring you an all new workshop and tour experience.  Group sizes have been reduced significantly and every location you will visit has gone through a 6 year selection process. A little more on that…

As a landscape photographer, some geographic regions call your return, year after year, through changing seasons, conditions, weather patterns, and daily struggles.

These special places become part of you, they teach you, as a photographer, and as a human being. They call you back, for more backpacking adventures, for more solo journeys through the wilderness, for more road trips through the desert with your friends.

For me these wild places are where I spend my life. They have become part of who I am as a person, and taught me more than any textbook or class ever will. I have spent the last 8 years photographing each location you will visit, tens if not hundreds of times. I take tours here because these places call me back year after year.

I want to share this experience with other passionate photographers, who love the call of adventure, learning new things, and spending night after night, under the stars, far away from the noise of daily life and the city lights.

I’m really excited to share this all new workshop & tour experience for 2019!

See You Under the Stars,

Star & Night Photography Workshop / Tour Options

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Mount Rainier National Park – Washington State

No 2019 Dates – Back in 2020




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